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[Noiy] Psychic School Wars (BD 1080p HEVC Opus Dual-Audio) | Nerawareta Gakuen

2024-04-17 23:26 UTC
Discord @4e6f6979
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22.3 GiB
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[JPBD](https://nyaa.land/view/441830) encode by Noiy rescale, denoise, weak deband, regrain and some dirty border fixing, dehaloing, in the Ending [![Psychic School Wars](https://s4.anilist.co/file/anilistcdn/media/anime/cover/large/bx14293-LRBPqtAzGPrK.png)](https://anilist.co/anime/14293/Psychic-School-Wars) Another ~~smol~~ encode I noticed that there was no "proper" encode for this, so I thought why not encode it real quick, as this is generally a pretty nice looking movie (tho thats where the good things about it end). And it was indeed "quick" except that I was lazy and didn't release it up until now (just a few weeks). When it comes to the encode the 720p Lanczos3 rescale fixes the typical ringing that Lanczos upscales have, which is basically the only problem the source has. When it comes to dealing with the grain, I decided to keep most of the OG grain and just ignore the fact that it'll result in a pretty high bitrate. **Subtitles:** - Full Subtitles [gg|TODO] (modified) - Signs/Songs [gg|TODO] (modified) I sourced the subs from [Yuri](https://nyaa.land/view/1384121) (again) and restyled them to Gandhi Sans. I only included TODO's version because the only differences are 3 grammar fixes and the swapped positions of the opening lyrics. [**Mediainfo**](https://rentry.co/4t727aee/raw) [**Comp**](https://slow.pics/c/zBmohhdw)

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  • Psychic School Wars (BD 1080p HEVC Opus Dual-Audio) [Noiy].mkv (22.3 GiB)