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Epistularum's Tidy EPWing Collection [Version 1.0]

2022-09-10 23:42 UTC
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``` Epistularum's Tidy EPWing Collection Version 1.0 _________________________ I have compiled every single source I could find and then checked one by one every single dictionary to rename and classify them following these principles: 1. Keep only official dictionaries. (There's a surprising amount of user made dictionaries of very dubious quality/formatting and the vast majority of the time severely outdated) 2. Discard bugged/unusable dictionaries. 3. Split dictionary bundles when possible. (Made possible by duplicating the catalog file when the same data folder isn't shared by multiple dictionaries) 4. Keep only one copy of any dict. - Keep different versions if present (第二版、第三版、...) - Keep only the best transfer available (there's a lot of releases missing pictures/audio/video/glyphs/gaiji, improper synonym indexing (only supports either phonetic or kanji search, only able to search the full headwords with parenthesis/ numbers/special characters,...) or improper in other ways) - Prioritize uncompressed releases (from what I understand, .ebz releases aren't officially published but user made. I thus prioritize the original version) 5. Rename the root dictionary folder in a standardize way that reflects the content. (template:(Publisher)Dictionary_Name[Edition]) 6. Group dictionaries in categories within a directory tree that makes sense according to their content. Sources: - Yuuki's Messy EPWing Collection: nyaa.land/view/1194089 - Freemdict: forum.freemdict.com - EPWINGs.rar: mediafire.com/file/hr30l1pw004gac9/EPWINGs.rar - BritVSJapan: mediafire.com/folder/ldyklp3362pgg/Japanese_Dictionaries - J-J EPWING: mega.nz/folder/UxhhlKzb#9T8-35RugwmkuZ33oTqVrQ - Freemdict's archive of ru-boards collection: forum.freemdict.com/t/topic/12050 Goldendict tips: - Enable yomichan-like de-inflection and popup: github.com/epistularum/hunspell-ja-deinflection - Remove duplicate display of headwords and make things a bit more readable: 1. paste the code below in a file named "article-style.css" in a folder named "epwing-beautify" in the styles folder of goldendict. (linux styles folder location: "~/.goldendict/styles/", windows styles folder location: c:\Users\<user>\AppData\Roaming\GoldenDict\styles\) 2. restart goldendict and enable the style in Edit>Preferences>Add-on style .epwing_article h3 { display: none; } .epwing_text { display: block; padding-left: 1em; text-indent: -1em; margin-bottom: 1em; } .epwing_text::first-line{ font-weight:bold; margin-left: -1em; } /*Only enable this if the NHK dictionary is a priority to you. This fixes the display of images by making ANY image inline. Thus slightly breaking the formatting of images where the disaply isn't supposed to be inline.*/ /*p.epwing_image { display: inline; }*/ Changelog: - Version 1.0 public release _________________________ You have new content? Found an error? Either email me or post a comment. epistularum@airmail.cc _________________________ _____________ ___ ```

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