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[TSDM自購][200725]TVアニメ『とある科学の超電磁砲T』OP2「dual existence」/fripSide ED2「青嵐のあとで」15话插入歌「ここにいたい」/sajou no hana[320K]

2020-07-25 10:54 UTC
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42.1 MiB
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  • [200725]TVアニメ『とある科学の超電磁砲T』OP2「dual existence」/fripSide ED2「青嵐のあとで」/sajou no hana[320K].rar (42.1 MiB)
How come this is uploaded on the day it came out and fgo original soundtrack IV is out for a week and 3 days and no torrent yet
Becauseeeeee It's not like these files magically appear out of thin air. Someone has to go out and buy it, you know with their own money. If you want things the day it comes out here's a piece of advice. Buy it yourself.