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Mangarock Backup (Full DB + Scans)

2020-05-09 22:45 UTC
File size:
1.1 TiB
Info hash:

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File list

  • MR_Final_Dump.tar (1.1 TiB)
HAHAHA 1tb in a zip why????
@surume, this is for datahoarder enthusiasts
So uh What's in this
@surume TAR file just bundles the data into one file, no compression is done to the data. Unless the extension is wrong, that should just be a bundle of the dumped data the uploader got somehow. Honestly, some additional info about how the contents of that TAR are organized should be added to the description, otherwise, it is essentially a large bundle of random images and metadata files.
lmao any madman can download this?
wish we knew what was in this
I have the space... but do I have the time?
I have the time... but do I have the space?
the absolute brains on this one
I would like to know what is in this as well. Would be perfect if I could DL what I need and share what I already have by copying it to the directory. Still a Nice effort uploader.
I have the time, space, unlimited bandwidth... but do I care?
*Imagine zipping all the manga on a defunct manga aggregator into a single archive for data archival...* **-This torrent was made by r/DataHoarder gang** Seriously tho, why make a single huge archive rather than having sorted manga in a consolidated manner (like alphabetically or yearwise)?
From one of those site that grabbed them resized/scaled, re-encoded, and put on a watermark or traceable EXIF like danke-empire's? No thanks. If you hoard hoard from the original translation group's releases and support them.
Very nice upload.
That's kinda small. Our Mangadex.org DB is 9.8TB. So they are missing a hell of a lot of stuff.
The question is at what point in time did they grab that "full" DB from Mangarock? They started deleting hundreds to thousands of manga back in november or so, months before most of the manga became unreadable in, I believe it was january? And they also stored all their images as webp, which made them significantly smaller compared to jpg. Some uploads on mangadex even use png. In addition they only had english translations, as far as I remember.
@Doki, mangarock's stuff is awfully downscaled and watermarked. So, 10 times less size is understandable. The only point here: mangarock had some unique licensed stuff, that you can't find anywhere now. Too bad, this torrent looks like one big pile of junk.
sample/proof: http://s000.tinyupload.com/?file_id=00853270859579857088
@Doki MR does more image compression
Plz keep this torrent alive :)
@tobarian wdym EXIF in danke's releases?
I downloaded this and can't recommend it for several reasons. For reference I have a decently powerful PC running Windows 10. 1. Being a single tar file it obviously takes a while to download but with having a fast connection, it took me even longer to unpack the file. 2. The organization is poor. All of the scans are in one huge folder as CHAPTERS and they aren't named by series but by MangaRock chapter # (I think?). So you can't really search or find anything you want. Admittedly I'm not too familiar with all of the .json files included so maybe someone can shed some light on how those are useful in locating things here? 3. Everything inside of the .tar file is in huge uncompressed folders which is probably why it takes forever to unpack and is quick to freeze up when browsing the content. Ideally all of the manga folders should have been individually zipped by series and named by series. This is a huge mess IMO. I stopped unpacking the file partway through after seeing how it was organized and realizing how long it will take to just delete these files from my hdd since they don’t seem usable to me.
Here is what the file organization looks like. It’s certainly not everything but a good chunk of it. MR_Final_Dump /chapters // https://pastebin.com/AKpy2hbx /manga // https://pastebin.com/LuhFzMqz /scans // https://pastebin.com/VMZqWhVk /mangarock_catalog.json
Yo in light of what liljimmy said: the file organization may seem a little outta whack at first but then again, its not made for manual browsing. The mangarock_catalog.json contains a list of all the Mangas in this Backup, complete with authors, aliases, genres (they are just numbers tho and one would have to reverse engineer what the numbers mean) and everything. They then point you to a directory in the "manga" folder (its the OID in the JSON), in this manga folder you find the cover, another JSON and most importantly, a textfile with a .list ending. Open it up and it points you to the corresponding directory in the "scans" folder. Each folder is a chapter. If you were to copy all the chapters listed in the .list file, you would have the manga that was available on mangarock up to the date the backup was pulled. Until I myself or someone else writes or finds a useable browser for the backup, this should help you navigate the backup. Otherwise, you can always just pull the chapters of the manga you want to read and copy them into a different directory.
This is obviously a very raw dump, seeing as to how it is organized. Is anyone interested in a more organized dump? It shouldn't be too hard to write some script to do that.
There's no way you could download this into a computer.
TRYING to download this damn thing... Trying is the key word here... Eventually can't even get the seeds to start throwing data at me yet. lol
I have the time, space, unlimited bandwidth & i care… but do I have hands?
i neither have the bandwith nor the space also i dont have guts to download this...
Anyone Generous enough to share DDL for low bandwidth users?Please
I wish I could seed , amazed by this huge masterpiece