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Nausicaa / Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind - Deluxe Edition (2012) (c2c, uncleaned)

2020-01-19 02:20 UTC
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23.8 GiB
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Scanned by Rrobynne: [>>>/a/198080742](https://desuarchive.org/a/thread/198080742) This is the 2012 box set deluxe edition, which reads R2L unlike the earlier (flipped) edition. This version is less than 1/3 of the original's size; all non-color pages have been grayscaled and color pages have been compressed ~5%. I'm likely to put out one or two naïvely cleaned versions soon. [example panel with a quick dirty contrast adjustment.png](https://i.imgur.com/BPLYl1n.png) --- Original notes: >There's a bunch of typos in this edition which I've listed below for anyone cleaning this up to fix. >Sorry if I missed anything! >There's a few print errors too that may require someone scanning a different edition to fix- mis-placed text >outside of speech bubbles, hairs on the page left by the editors etc. >This scan was made at 600 DPI on a Canon Pixma MG 2450 printer. >The way this set is bound makes it practically impossible to extract the colour prints without ruining the spine area, >unfortunately. I hope they can be stitched together with scans from other editions. >I've bought several copies of this box set over the years for friends etc.- Hopefully Miyazaki has already made megabux >from this manga given it's been out for well over 20 years now, but always support the artist etc. etc., hand-drawn >animation deserves better than to die out only a century after it began just because it's much harder and more >expensive than the 3DCG route. If you require any pages be re-scanned, make a thread on /a/ and hopefully I'll see it. :) > - Rrobynne, 15/01/2020 >VOL 01 >page 12, panel 10 ... should be "I can't see anything FROM down here" instead of FORM. >page 22, panel 5 ... should it be "I don't know HOW I caught him" instead of WHERE? unsure. >page 41, panel 7 ... "the plants of the forest SENSE food" instead of SCENT. >page 66, panel 2 ... should it be "GRANDMA" instead of GRANDAM? same panel, should it be "TO this trouble" be "THROUGH this trouble"? unsure. I'm from the UK, maybe that's just how yanks say it. >page 66, panel 6 ... everywhere else the character is referred to as "THE VAI EMPEROR" but here it's "VAI THE EMPEROR". is this a mistake? >page 71, panel 3 ... "The DOROK armies lack fighting spirit" instead of DORK. >page 91, panel 4 ... around text on dark background w/o a text balloon you can frequently see the outline of a clear box from the english typesetting prcoess. may be possible to fix these during clean-up? >page 124, panel 5 ... should have one ? and one ! instead of two !!s as it's an interrogative >page 200, panel 2 ... NAUSICAA's name is spelt wrong. >page 208, panel 3 ... "So you TOO" instead of TWO. >page 230, panel 9 ... Yupa's "No" is in the wormhandler's font when it should be in the standard font. >page 259, panel 4 ... hair on the page left by the editors- look at Yupa's cloak. there are several of these but I may have missed some, keep an eye out. >page 260, panel 3 and 5 ... same hair shows up again in the same area of the page. >page 312, panel 3 ... "YOU promised, Setoru" instead of YOUR. >page 327, panel 6 ... "CAVALRY" is spelt wrong. >page 336, panel 9 ... "I'll find SOMEONE else" instead of SOMONE. >page 337, panel 7 ... the first sentence reads like a clunky translation. >page 340, panel 2 ... "DAMNED Doroks" instead of "DAMMED". >page 368, panel 3 ... "CAVALRY" is spelt wrong. >page 425, panel 1 ... at the top of a few pages including this one there is a distinctive curved 'W' shape left embedded in the picture that looks suspiciously like the clamp at the top of a clipboard or something, hopefully it can be fixed? sometimes this mark is only partially present so look carefully along the line where it appears here. >VOL 02 >page 30, panel 4 ... Asbel says "PORT" then looks out the right-hand side of the cockpit to an insect on their right. >page 33, panel 7 ... "Bring us up everyone" - this line makes zero sense. Is it meant to be "Heads up, everyone" or similar, given the context he's giving a warning to put their masks on? Unsure. >page 36, panel 6 ... this is the other time Asbel says "PORT" referring to something that's clearly STARBOARD. >page 67, panel 7 ... Nausicaa's line here makes no sense, I reckon it's a mistranslation. Chikuku is on board the ship with Charuka, she's heading away from the ship and going to look for the Ohmu, what could it rightly mean in context? I wouldn't be surprised if the original line is actually "I'm going to take care of Ohmu" but I won't be so presumptious as to assume I'm right. >page 87, panel 3 ... SENEI's name is spelt wrong- see page 358, panel 1 and 3 for reference the character's name is "SENEI" following anglophone spelling convention, as in "PEJITEI"; *not* "SENNAY". >page 101, panel 8 ... Mito and Ketcha's text is in the wrong speech bubbles- wrong way around. The one in the cloak holding the gun on the left of the frame should be Ketcha saying "Mito, sir, hurry". >page 124, panel 5 ... second sentence sounds like a clunky translation. >page 124, panel 10 ... "GUESTS' chambers" instead of GUEST'S. >page 179, panel 1 ... "MERTE"- in panel 7 on page 91 of Vol 01 a unit of measurement called "MERUTES" is mentioned. could this be a mispelling of that? however, later on "METERS" is used to describe the height of the crypt of Shuwa, so it could also be a mispelling of METERS. this will probably take referring back to the original Japanese to infer the correct translation but it's almost certainly a typo. >page 199, panel 1 ... in context I reckon this first line should actually be "These aren't ONLY THE ships previously dispatched.../...their numbers have grown", instead of "These aren't THE ONLY ships previously dispatched...". >page 223, panel 4 ... well that's just straight up wrong, Nausicaa, it's the emperor's brother. is this the same in the other editions? >page 244, panel 7 ... "of WORMHANDLER origin" instead of "WARMHANDLER". >page 246, panel 6 ... I think "We are the goddess's guardians" is supposed to be in the wormhandler font instead of the standard font. The inverse mistake happens in a panel near the end with Asbel talking in the wormhandler font for no reason. >page 247, panel 1 ... "Tolas... IS A PARASITE city" instead of "Tolas IS PARASITE city". >page 259, panel 9 ... "Do you suppose the Daikaisho that THE princess prophesised..." instead of "that princess prophesised". >page 293, panel 7 and 10 ... I'm pretty certain Nausicaa just exclaims "Ketcha!" in panel 7 and the "Here, catch!" is Asbel, with panel 10 supposed to read "It might help you. Here, catch!" or "Here, catch! It might help you". >page 346, panel 10 ... another case of directional flip-flopping. they say "STARBOARD" and then two panels later on the next page the God Warrior is flying alongside their PORT side. >page 368, panel 3 ... "ONCE-MIGHTY city walls" instead of ONCE MIGHTY. >page 395, panel 4 ... pretty clear it's the wing on the STARBOARD side but they say PORT. I guess the whole thing must be flipped for the English release but how come the speech bubbles still read from right to left within each panel if that's the case? >page 424, panel 7 ... PORT and STARBOARD mixed up again. may have missed some earlier places where this happens in Vol 01, keep an eye out. >page 434, panel 2 ... PORT and STARBOARD mixed up again. >page 446, panel 7 ... this line makes no sense, unless it's a mistranslation and it should be "There WERE trees and grass" instead of "There ARE trees and grass", suggesting they saw trees and grass from the air but now they're searching on the ground there's no sign of them. >page 456, panel 3 ... this is the mention of American METERS I mentioned earlier on. is this supposed to be MERUTES, the fictional unit mentioned earlier in the manga? >page 501, panel 5 ... LIFESPAN or LIFE-SPAN instead of LIFE SPAN with crappy kerning. >page 510, panel 2 ... "...it shall SURELY be music and poetry..." instead of SURLY. >page 523, panel 5, 6 and 7 ... in panel 5, the wormhandler should exclaim Asbel's name in the wormhandler font. in panel 6, Asbel saying "Nausicaa went down?!" should be in the standard font, not the wormhandler font. unlike the Dorok language the wormhandler font appears to only represent a different dialect, not language (since there's no language barrier between the wormhandlers and the periphery peoples) so non-wormhandler characters don't ever talk in that font. panel 7- "But Asbel-" should be in wormhandler font. >page 529, panel 4 ... this should be in the wormhandler font too. in fact, the wormhandler font isn't used again after page 523- see also page 532, panel 9 where a character who *may* (or may not) be a wormhandler speaks. is this intentional and reflected in the older editions and original Japanese? or is it an erroneous inconsistency? >That's about it. Sorry if some of these are subjective but I wanted to err towards being thorough. Up to you folks what to change and what not to. :) I reckon I missed some >print errors too, I remember seeing more hairs baked into the images while scanning but was indecisive about noting typos etc. at the time 'til I realised how many there were, >and didn't make note of them as I went along as a result. Hopefully you'll notice them while cleaning up the pages in depth. You'll probably want to fix the page numbers too since >the "blank pages" thing is inconsistent, and the page numbers here aren't the same as the original edition or anything like that so there's no reason re: purity why the numbers >shouldn't be made consecutive and the two volumes joined together into one long thing for digital reading. --- Checksums: [CRC-32](https://paste.ee/r/2fFXz) [MD5](https://paste.ee/r/lp8PO) [SHA-1](https://paste.ee/r/Lu4bB) [SHA-256](https://paste.ee/r/3M8ww)

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is this the newest one? I'm considering downloading it, but I already own a physical copy.
This is pretty great, but why is the total size so high for a manga with just 59 chapters?
probably because it's a scan. Also, this over 1000 pages. Even so, it is rather large.
To decrease it even more would take longer to do and that would be to paint just the white stuff and downscale it. I'll be keeping my physical manga (with color) still for awhile longer. Good effort and I'm interested in this clean version you guys got tho.
In case the original scanner read the comments thanks a lot for the hard work and this masterpiece !
This is the dual-volume, hardcover collection, that Viz Media published some years ago. Take that into consideration when commenting.
Alright I am working on deskewing, cropping, resizing and contrast correcting right now, I MIGHT correct the spelling errors too, depends on how much work the cropping will be. I can't do the cleaning on my own though. I can automate all the stuff mentioned above but that's not possible with fixing scan errors. I'll Comment here again once I am done.
Alright done, does anyone know how I can contact the Danke Empire guys so they can share it?

danke (uploader)

Don't know why you'd need me to share it, but you can find a contact email in the ZIP comment or hop on [MangaDex's Discord](https://discord.gg/mangadex).
danke, any chance of getting Blissful Land Volume 4?
@danke Can you pick up Hinowa ga Crush? LuCaZ stopped updating it 4 month ago.
@everyone If someone wonders what are we wishing to download from here (and are thinking to wait a bit more for a complete version), we are all talking about this: https://www.viz.com/read/manga/nausicaa-of-the-valley-of-the-wind-box-set/product/4728 and has 1104 pages.
Godlike work :D
@Hunterrod did you ever upload your version anywhere? You could just upload it here btw
Please someone do the same for Akira.
Listing the typos is above and beyond, hoping someone fixes it in the future. However, for those port/starboard errors, it's almost certainly because the original English run was flipped, and they didn't change the script here, nice one Viz.