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Madokami Manga G [archive.org]

2018-02-10 03:59 UTC
File size:
211.8 GiB
Info hash:

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#### No description.

File list

  • Madokami.Manga.G.zip (211.8 GiB)
>211.8 GiB >single zip Brilliant.
1MB/s - brilliant too.
1 seeder 17+ leechers. What do you expect lol
> 1 seeder 17+ leechers. What do you expect lol Don't confound torrents and http/ftp/DC++.
Is this only titles starting with G? I don't think the entire achieve would only be a mere 211.8 GB.
I'm glad there's no zip archive with all letters :). Should be ~6TB...
4.27TB I think X) at least the ones from archive.org More letters will pop up next week probably
>Uploading .zip/.rar torrents in THE CURRENT YEAR
>Don’t confound torrents and http/ftp/DC++. nani
>nani I know only one phrase in japanese: Anata no baka desu-ka? Is it suitable answer? :)
The only phrase you know is wrong. How tragic is that.
> How tragic is that. The End of Evangelion level.
One file is corrupt. The brilliance is OVER 9000!
BTW, there's loli child porno. In some countries, seeding this = CP distribution.
Is that your excuse to not seed? :thinking:
I prefer to seed good things. Not 200gb single zip archive of corrupt CP, hentai and fujiyoshi stuff.
Yet you still dared to complain about speed XD You're unbelievable.
I wouldn't complain, if I knew what I was downloading. Just would avoid this shit.
> One file is corrupt. True. The Girl Next Door (Sun) Ch.014 [KissManga].zip - CRC error unpacking. > More letters will pop up next week probably 4 weeks have passed already. Intervencion, are you going to upload more letters anytime soon? BTW, why starting with G? And not K or S for example?